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Coding Games For Kids – Learn To Code With Play

Written by Tiny Games

Kidlo Coding for Kids is a fun coding game to teach kids the very basics of programming, a very essential skill in today’s world. It teaches coding with fun games like fire fighting and playing a dentist. Kidlo Coding helps kids improve their problem solving skills, boosts memory and increases logical thinking skills.

Using this app, kids will learn basics of programming with sequencing, loops and functions with coding games. There are 11 coding games for kids:

★ Little Firefighter – Kids can learn sequencing, function and loops with firetrucks & cute firefighter games with 50 levels
★ Monster Dentist – Learning good manners is made super easy with Dentist coding games. Little ones will learn how to take care of their teeth while they can enjoying eating yummy treats
★ Chomp The Fruit – Complete the levels by finding the right path to reach the yummy fruits to feed the chomping monsters
★ Garbage Truck – Code & help the little Kidlo Star to collect all of the garbage. Play & keep the city clean
★ Pop The Balloons – Popping balloons has always been so much fun! But here is a game to brain train while having fun
★ Ice Cream Time – Memorize what the little monster wants and code to feed it. Educational memory games for kids
★ Smoothie Maker – Learn colors and make colorful smoothies with this coding games section
★ Music Jam – Learn sounds of different musical instruments and see the cute character dancing to its beats
★ Connect The Dots – Join the dots to complete all levels with your all time favorite game
★ Build Your House – Build a house by coding the correct position shown in the image
★ Dress Up Occupations – Collect all the items in the game and learn new professions with new levels & many more games!

There are 700+ interesting levels in all, which can be solved by sequencing, loops and functions.

What does this app offer to teach kids basic programming concepts?

Sequence – Learn Sequencing With Coding Games
Sequence is the first step and most important part of coding. Here the command is executed exactly in the same order of events given by the coder.

Loops – Learn Loops With Coding Games
Loop is a concept for repeating a set of commands.

Functions – Learn Functions With Coding Games
Functions are a set of commands which can be used anytime as per the coders wish or requirement.

What will kids learn with these coding games?
* Recognize patterns to complete all levels
* Order actions in a logical sequence
* Learn to implement patterns in their day to day life
* Easy instructions to apply in their daily lives
* Discover the right actions needed to solve each level

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Kids can easily learn to code with educational games. Download these Kidlo Coding App For Kids to train their brain in a fun and easy way!


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